Documentation for Questable Bot
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<title>Questable Bot</title>
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<h1 id="questable">Questable</h1>
<h2 id="general-guidelines">General guidelines</h2>
<p>Questable is an RPG-like bot for maintaining events in real life. Main Tasks are Quests while other tasks are Side Quests. You can use the bot to maintain a list of things you need to do.</p>
<p><code>/me</code> shows the player stats and takes you back to the main menu. XP is the amount of experience gained by completing quests and side quests. To cancel anything run <code>/cancel</code> or <code>/me</code>.</p>
<h2 id="steps-to-add-questsside-quests">Steps to add Quests/Side Quests</h2>
<li>From the main menu, press <code>Add Quests</code> or <code>Add Side Quests</code>.</li>
<li>The bot will now ask for name of the quest. Enter a name.</li>
<li>Next, choose a difficulty from Low, Medium, High</li>
<li>Repeat with priority. Note: The difficulty and importance of a Quest/Side Quest determine the XP recieved for the quest.</li>
<h2 id="steps-to-check-and-edit-a-questside-quest">Steps to check and edit a Quest/Side Quest</h2>
<li>From the main menu, press <code>List Quests</code> or <code>List Side Quests</code></li>
<li>This will bring up a list like this</li>
<pre><code> /Q_3 Read Documentation
/Q_1 Learn that thing
/Q_2 Write Documentation
/Q_4 Do that thing
/Q_6 Try that program</code></pre>
<li>To see the details of a quests/side quest, press the command in front of it. For instance, to see the details of <code>Try that program</code> in the above list, press <code>/Q_6</code>
<li>Commands for quests start with <code>/Q_</code> whereas commands for side quests start with <code>/SQ_</code></li>
<li>The bot will show the details of the quest/side quest. It will also provide options to modify it.</li>
<li>To mark the quest as done, press <code>Mark as done</code></li>
<li>To change the name of the Quest/Side Quest
<li>Press <code>Edit Name</code></li>
<li>The bot will now ask for a new name</li>
<li>Send the new name</li>
<li>To change the difficulty of the Quest/Side Quest
<li>Press <code>Change Difficulty</code></li>
<li>Choose a difficulty from Low, Medium, High</li>
<li>To change the priority of the Quest/Side Quest
<li>Press <code>Change Priority</code></li>
<li>Choose a difficulty from Low, Medium, High</li>