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  • Install python3, flask, python-telegram-bot
  • cd
  • git clone
  • ln -s ~/minetest-telegram-bridge/chat_mod ~/.minetest/mods/chat_mod
  • Add mod to secure.http_mods.
    • Add this line if secure.http_mods doesn't exist. secure.http_mods = chat_mod
  • Enable the mod in
  • cd minetest-telegram-bridge/bot
  • Copy to and edit.
  • python3 &
  • export
  • export FLASK_ENV=production
  • flask run -p 9876
  • Start the minetest server via minetest [params] |& python3


To use a different port, change the respective config in and add chat_server_port = PORT in minecraft.conf and run flask run -p PORT instead of the last step.